July 18, 2008

Bruce Timm, Dave Bullock, Darwyn Cooke, Stan Berkowitz and company have a reason to party when they hook up at the San Diego Con next week - their beautiful animated adaptation of Cooke's graphic novel, The New Frontier has been nominated for an Emmy in the "Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour Or More) category!

Our warmest congratulations go out to everyone responsible for this remarkable DTV production.

I don't want to cover the same ground as Emru's masterful review but I will add that the film's presentation on the Blu-ray disc is phenomenal! Perhaps this distilled version of the story isn't for everyone, but the high-def video and audio is truly something to behold. If you can, pop this one into your PS3 and have a gander at what more lines of resolution can do for your enjoyment of 2D animation.

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