July 14, 2008

Who missed the point here? Did someone at Marvel assume that kids wouldn't see or wouldn't remember the story of this summers smash hit Iron Man film? Is there anyone on the planet who feels that Tony Stark would be a more compelling human being at the age of 16? Has the concept of well executed exploitation of a successful brand gone by the wayside at the House of Ideas?

Allow me to add further skepticism by pointing out the below-par cel-shaded model animation on display in the trailer above.


I'll reserve final judgment until my 8 year old nephew has the chance to sink his teeth into this series.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures will be screening and supported by a panel at the San Diego Comic Con on July 26th at 10AM.

via Marvel.com

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I actually talked to a kid who said he likes these younger versions of pre-existing characters better. He seems to love Young Indiana Jones...

I can sort of understand it, but... they should really stop trying to always "play it safe," and just create a completely new kid character. Then again, that could go just as bad.
Does anyone else thing the Iron-Man-suiting up sequence is lame?

The editing is so slow and sloppy, it's almost like an SNL farce.

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