July 31, 2008

According to Jim Hill, Tron director Steve Lisberger is out of the picture, barred from bringing his vision for a sequel to his 1981 live-action/CG animated hit to the big screen. Who's taking his place? A director named Joseph Kosinski, who has yet to direct a feature film. Don't let this disturb you too much, though. From the look of his work (evidenced above), we're going to be in for a real treat.

Correct me if I'm wrong here but doesn't his work remind of a young, CGI-loving Ridley Scott? That can't be a bad thing, where a Tron sequel is concerned.

Watch more of his award-winning commercials at these links:

Via Ain't It Cool

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Caught the Tr2n teaser trailer on Gizmodo (here until Disney has it pulled, like elsewhere) and I have mixed feelings.

I am a hardcore fan of Tron, warts and all, having watched the movie 73 times, three of those times in the cinema. I've been desperately wanting a sequel since I walked out of the cinema the first time. But the teaser's light-cycle sequence, cool as it is, bothers me because (a) it doesn't capture the original light cycles' breakneck speed (note to Lasseter & co: pay attention to Speed Racer), and more importantly (b) it doesn't make sense on the Game Grid. Tron perfectly captured what the then-current world of videogames looked like from the other side of the screen. There was an immediately understandable logic to why the light cycles had the solid trails on the game grid. It's not quite as apparent here.

Of course, I'll still be first in line when Tr2n comes out. By, like, a week.

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