July 12, 2008

Is round two of the Ghibli vs. Oshii battle-royale upon us? Probably not but I can't help but feel the subtle digs in Mamoru Oshii's review of Miyazaki's upcoming opus, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.

"That's Miya-san's delusion movie. There are no themes. But the picture is overwhelming, so it's seen until the end."

I'm glad that he was able to fight through his frustration with Miyazaki's lack of script-craft to experience the ending of the film. Yeesh!

Other reviews are pouring in:

Japan Times Review - "If 'Ponyo' is the start of his artistic second childhood, I say welcome to the sandbox."

Asahi.com - "101 minutes of bliss"

via GhibliWiki

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