July 8, 2008

Warner Bros. marks their entry into the Indian animation field with an as yet untitled film directed by Jyotin Goel (Zahreelay, Inam Dus Hazar, popular sci-fi T.V. show Antariksh) and produced by Goel Screencraft. Goel had this to say about the upcoming film,

"This is a story of love and adventure, full of color, music, drama and comedy. The film is not based on the humans but portrays the melodious world of birds and attempts to explore their lives from an unusual standpoint. It is a journey into the lives of birds as they soar over dense jungles and teeming cities, giving them a point of view of the world that is hilariously different from ours."

Am I the only one excited by this? I don't know Goel's work but the premise sounds quite charming. If the animation is handled well, we could be seeing this one on the festival circuit relatively soon!

via IndiaFM.com

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I won't get excited just yet. Warner Bros. could give us a Space Jam or the could give us an Iron Giant. I'll just wait and hope for the best possible outcome.
What would be cool is if India developed it's own animation industry with it's own unique style and idioms, sort of the way the Japanese have done.
They've been working on it. For example, the 2005 Hanuman feature, based on the Hindu mythological figure, was popular enough to spawn a sequel, The Return of Hanuman.
And here's a more recent look at the subject, from The Economic Times.

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