August 19, 2008

Honestly, what's surprising is that it's taken this long.

A couple of companies have started catering to the anime fan/cosplay market by releasing extra-wide contact lenses that will give your eyes the wide-eyed anime look. Priced at $30-$50, they'll even match them up to your particular prescription.

So far it looks like they're only available from Korean companies Geo and Dueba. But hey, if Michael Jackson could go all werewolfy on us in the early 1980s, I'm sure Rick Baker can spend a few minutes to develop something for otaku to channel their inner C-ko.

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I just read an article about those contact lenses just recently... and it reminded me of anime fan centered or branded merchandise that's starting to hit the international market (i.e. hair care products).

I'm in agreement that this is all the tip of what could be a rather large iceberg. (I've always been curious over anime/insignia tattoos... real or temporary...)
The next step will be contacts or bodymods that allow us to "vibrate" our eyes for more effective pleading.
Sorry to lower the tone, but there are also anime 'real-sex dolls' available somewhere, not got any more information than that because it was only a photo posted on a forum.
Ummm...Her eyes and pale face really creeps me out. Seriously. Who in the right mind to buy such things?
Brandon Jones

I think they're cool, I've got the same ones in brown, i wanna get an iceblue color soon
I was going to get them in brown... But then I compared them to normal eyes for me and realized there is not much difference~
lol, harrah for me and my natural hazel anime sparkle eyes~

Truly, These are for someone has very small iris that are not much of a the special colour~
There are some of my friends who look nice in these and some other people that it just causes them look cross-eyed...even like the animal XD


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