November 21, 2008

Another day, another trailer! This first look at Tezuka's little robot boy in CGI form isn't really filling me with glee. Combine the fact that it all looks somehow wrong (Astro Boy's clothes don't scream manga/anime icon to me) with the lacklustre showing of Imagi's big-screen CGI TMNT debut last year and you can colour me concerned.

If the YouTube version above isn't floating your boat, maybe the HD streams at will satisfy.

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very dissapointing
I think if people expect it to be for adults, they may want something else.

I'm assuming, like TMNT, this movie is made primarily for kids. If that is the audience, the little I've seen from the trailer seems as if it is targeted well.

I'm still curious about Imagi's Battle of the Planets adaptation.
It looks like it'll be a fun film to me. Given the audience they're aiming for, I'd say that they've rendered little Atom's personality rather well given the incredibly diverse slate of emotion that Atom represents [of Tezuka's work].
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it looks like the film execs have taken something and sanitized it until there's no life or soul left in it.

ironically, it's the idea of a robot with a soul that makes astro boy who he is.

okay okay... fine, i'll try not to judge until i see the movie, but this trailer didn't make me very happy upon viewing.

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