November 20, 2008

Finally, we have a beautiful full length trailer for Henry Selick’s newest stop motion extravaganza, Coraline! If you, like I find YouTube's VQ and AQ questionable, hop on over to Yahoo and DL a super HQ copy for your HD.

Also, fps pal Ward Jenkins has posted about the Coraline site update over at
First of all, check out the mystery packages they sent out to various members of the press. You’ll notice from that post a password to enter once you’re on the film’s site. Enter it (buttoneyes) and you’ll be treated to a vignette on the various characters in the film. There’s more. I’ve been able to scrounge around other passwords (thank you, internets), if you’re curious:


Looks like Drawn didn't get a mystery box either. What's up, Focus Features? No love for the Canadians?

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