November 17, 2008
Via ANN, we learn two news pieces of interest to Naruto fans:

  1. Viz Media will stream Naruto: Shippuden starting 15 January. Shippuden is an arc that occurs 2.5 years after the events of the original Naruto timeline, and is currently airing in Japan. There are currently no plans to dub Shippuden.
  2. TV Tokyo will stream English-subtitled Naruto via Crunchyroll one hour after Japanese airing, starting 8 January. This is what a lot of us have wanted for years, and I personally can't wait.

These developments, as you can imagine, were planned: the Crunchyroll showings are intended for paid subscribers, with free showings appearing seven days later. Viz has been making great strides in trying to monetize their online episodes of other series like Bleach, by showing them on Xbox Live and Hulu (which is no help to Canadian visitors, as Hulu blocks Canadians from viewing). It's all part of a massive campaign to make new material available faster.



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