March 6, 2009

For all five of you who haven't seen this yet, here it is: Happy Harry's "reanimation" of the Watchmen in a classic, Saturday morning animation style, complete with cheese-bag (read: awesome) theme song.

"Strong together, united forever"

For the record, I saw the feature film last night and I'm fairly conflicted. The music is terrible, the acting a mixed bag and the editing questionable but...

...sigh...'s kind of sticking with me. Every scene with Billy Crudup's Dr. Manhattan is damn-near pure gold. Almost makes me forget how wooden and stale the rest of the non-action scenes play.

My capsule review (for those who care): Watchmen needed the "Do Androids Dream..." to "Blade Runner" treatment, in favour of the literal "Sin City" approach. Maybe the "Animated" motion comic Blu-ray will get it right?

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