August 1, 2008
Disney: Blu-ray Sale at!

It appears that is ready to blow out some Disney and Pixar Blu-ray discs! In addition to a slew of live action titles, the online retailer is offering these animated films at a discount:

- Not only was this one of the best animated films to come out in ages, but it's also one of the most incredible Blu-ray discs you'll ever pick up. With reference quality video and audio and a veritable smorgasbord of extras, the Ratatouille Blu-ray disc is a must own! And at 40% off how can you resist the chance to show off your gear and prove to your spouse that you truly did need the high-def upgrade to your living room!

- While Cars didn't bowl me over the way other Pixar films have (What's with the shitty character design, Lasseter?) it's a solid effort that's fit for the whole family. The quality of the Blu-ray disc, on the other hand, is beyond reproach. Once again Disney has crafted a near perfect sensory experience, hampered only by some hinky menu design. Want to show off your system? The Cars Blu-ray will most certainly get the job done.

- This is an incredible collection of short animated films and we should count ourselves among the fortunate that Disney was kind enough to master a Blu-ray disc that affords them the finest, most vibrant and detailed presentation to date. While the overall quality is over the top, you'll notice that the older shorts, transfered from a film source (as opposed to the digital-to-digital transfers Pixar is known for) suffer slightly from softer, less-than-perfect video and uneven audio. I'm not grousing. I'm just saying...

Find more animated films like Meet the Robinsons and Dinosaur at the Disney Blu-ray Sale page.

And play those discs on the PS3, the best Blu-ray player on the market today!

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