September 18, 2007
Another nice byproduct of the Ottawa International Animation Festival is the host of ancillary events that occur in nearby cities. Animators want to make the most of their trip, especially if they are from abroad, and end up dropping into other cities for smaller events. Last year, after the festival I had the chance to see Kihachiro Kawamoto's Book of the Dead a second time, because of a special trip he made to Montreal. It's a nice consolation for people who can't experience the sheer awesomeness of the actual festival, and a great teaser or way to come down from the fest.

The Toronto Animated Image Society will be hosting Joanna Quinn (barely or not safe for work web link, depending on the sense of humour of the people where you work!), in conversation with the NFB's Michael Fukushima on Tuesday, September 18 (tonight!). You'll recognize her commercial work in her demo reel and get an idea of the antics of her endearing but oh-so-wrong recurring character, Beryl. Click the flyer for details.

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