October 28, 2007
Wow, what can I say? I've never been to Annecy, and if by chance neither have you, then today you are in luck. Starting today, in honour of World Animation Day, 1000 short films (extracts) are being hosted on the Video on Demand site Toondra.com. Since 2006, Toondra.com has been providing animated VOD for purchase (around 1.50 Euros for each short), and now they've opened up the Annecy film archives for your viewing pleasure. The extracts are free to view, and are typically 30 seconds in length, which gives you a good taste of the style and content of the shorts. Direct links to Annecy.org take you back to film details and credits.

The films come from the collection known as Animaquid, a film database created by the Annecy Festival over its 47 years of existence. The shorts available on Toondra date from 2003-2007, and there's a good chance there are more to come.

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