2004 Year in Review
Noell Wolfgram Evans | I had a really great animated experience that I would constitute as my most interesting animated moment of 2004. It was centered not on a new release, but on a classic: The Tell-Tale Heart, which was produced by UPA in 1953.

The company where I work produces training CD-ROMs, corporate Web sites, promotional DVDs, etc. It's interesting stuff, but very straight down the middle of the road. Toward the middle of the year we had an opportunity to work with a new client to create an educational cartoon. As this wasn't an exact fit with many of the people who would be working on it, some research would be in order. So I booked a conference room and started the DVDs.

The Tell-Tale Heart
United Productions of America, 1953
Directed by Art Babbitt and Ted Parmelee
8 minutes

Shop for The Tell-Tale Heart (included on the Hellboy DVD):
We watched the usual Disney/MGM/Warner classics and then I slipped in The Tell-Tale Heart. And no one in the room moved. I had seen the film before, so I was able to sit back and watch everyone's reactions. It was a fantastic experience to be there and watch this with people who had no idea that this kind of work existed. It was like watching it for the first time again and being filled with confusion/wonder/respect/admiration and a wanting to see more.

It was perfect for me to be in a room and share this common bond over animation as an artistic experience and not just as a pop culture reference. It may sound clichéd, but that was my most interesting animated moment of the year, being reminded how powerful and emotional the form can be.
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