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The Best of the Fests
Emru Townsend · From fps #4 · September 1, 2005 | As I write this, I'm in that bizarre psychological space that I sometimes get into: part of my brain is still in the unreality that was five days at SIGGRAPH, and another part is in the unreality that will be five days at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Festivals and conferences, as you might gather, are strange beasts. Everyone has a different take on them, but the people I typically hang out with at these things are of a like mind: we make sure to mix work and play. "Work" varies from person to person, of course; in my case, that means catching all the competition screenings (which is much more work than it sounds like—watching several hours' worth of film with all your critical and aesthetic antennae tuned is tiring enough, but doing it over several days can be a feat); trying to chase down directors and animators for impromptu interviews; keeping an ear to the ground for signs of current and future trends in the art and business; and of course, networking, networking, networking.

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You'll find it and many other articles in the September 2005 issue of fps, available as a free download.
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