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Emru Townsend · From fps #5 · November 1, 2005 | DIY—Do It Yourself—has been referred to as the punk ethic, but it's really the foundation of every creative endeavour. More often that not, DIY comes into play when someone feels that something needs to be expressed, so they either express it themselves, or create a space for others to do so.

That includes animation magazines, by the way. The mid-1980s magazines Anime-Zine and Animag were an attempt at broadening awareness of anime, as no other magazines were at the time. fps started when I couldn't find publications that looked at animation with the same pluralistic eye that I did. I wouldn't be surprised if Animato, Funnyworld, Animator and Escape, to name but a few of the noteworthy magazines that have since disappeared, started the same way.

You can find the same passionate motivations throughout animation's history. For over a hundred years, pioneers have looked at new or evolving facets of animation and, deciding that something was missing, tried their hand at filling in the blanks.

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You'll find it and many other articles in the November 2005 issue of fps, available for only 99 cents US.
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