2D Skills for a 3D World
Charlie Bonifacio · From fps #6 · February 6, 2006 | Technology is radically changing the face of the animation industry and the landscape that animation schools are preparing students to enter. For years we've heard the computer is just another tool, yet the complexity and versatility of this tool demands a commitment of time and resources to both comprehend and employ it in the marketplace. There is pressure on both schools and students to serve the marketplace with a strong portfolio of digital skills.

To survive in the digital production world, seasoned talent and students are rushing to fill chairs behind the terminals. As unemployed 2D artists and new grads compete for the same spots in those chairs, digital skill becomes a strong card in the deck. Once in the chair, there's security until the project is done, then it's job-hunting again. Hopefully you've developed a creative skill set so your digital stuff is actually better than the next new grad or the old guy who has finally figured out function curves.

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You'll find it and many other articles in the January 2006 issue of fps, available for only 99 cents US.
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