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Emru Townsend · From fps #9 · December 2, 2006 | On the second to last night of this year's Ottawa International Animation Festival, I found myself having a midnight snack with an old friend, discussing the films we'd seen over the previous four days.

"Is it just me, or were there a lot of films about sex this year?" she asked.

Maybe, maybe not. But some of the most talked-about shorts in the competition screenings were those that tackled sex in some form, each completely different from the other. The hilarious The Carnival of the Animals, set to the musical suite of the same name, is a twelve-minute exploration of erotic dreams and fantasies. (One of the funniest sequences has a circle of rabbits lasciviously stroking each others' ears, their faces beaming with the purest ecstasy.) Never Like the First Time! uses anonymous interviews with real people as the basis for four stories about when they lost their virginity, each animated in a different style and ranging in tone from terrifying to laugh-out-loud funny. Guy 101 tells of an anonymous gay sexual encounter that takes an unexpected turn.

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