Greg Weisman
Emru Townsend: If you could, and you were given a reasonable amount of creative control, as much as you can get on television, would you want to get back into doing Gargoyles again, picking up from the fourth season, or perhaps erasing a certain chunk of the third season [both laugh] but actually get into revisiting the characters? It's clear from what you were saying before that you have the universe in your head, pretty well thought out.

Greg Weisman: A lot of it. Probably less than some people think, and more than other people think.

I'd love to do it again. I think that a huge percentage of the cast and crew would love to do it again, those that are still with us. I don't think we'd have trouble assembling a huge chunk of that cast and crew again if Disney gave the green light. Whether it was Gargoyles, which I would love to do, or one of the six sequel/prequel spinoff shows that we came up with at the time, any one of those seven things I would jump at a chance to do.

But in a practical sense, if at this point, let's say the Gargoyles DVD does really well and Disney says, hey, we've got something here, let's go with this—okay, maybe I shouldn't ask this question at this point [laughs]. But given the current market realities, and the way TV shows are marketed now, and the way they're presented on the air, do you really think you'd be able to get the same kind of show as you had before?

I think if we're not totally talking blue sky, and we're trying to apply some hypothetical reality to this, and the DVD sells really, really well—which I'm hoping, and it's not a forlorn hope, I think it will, I can't be sure, but I hope so—I don't think the next step would be a series. To be honest, the next step will be the second season. My hope is that in the sum total of those two DVDs, the sales will be enough that what I would hope that would encourage them to do is a direct-to-video movie based on the show. More or less picking up where the second season left off. If I've got to pretend that it includes the third season I will, because I want to do it that badly. But I don't think there's anyone at Disney who knows the show as well as we do, and they're not going to notice if I ignore the third season.

I would assume that instead of saying, okay, let's green-light a new series, the response would be, let's green-light a direct-to-video movie and see how that does, because it's a contained investment. It also allows you to have a slightly better budget per minute of footage. In other words, you could make a relatively cheap DVD for the price and still have it look as good as the old show did. Then if at some point they said, okay, this is going great—and as it is, I had a meeting at the Disney Channel just last week, and they told me the Gargoyles reruns, the ratings were very good on Jetix, which I was very glad to hear. I didn't know.

So those things together: The ratings on Jetix, which is largely new viewers, it's not our fans, it's kids; the sales of the DVDs; if an OVA sells well; I could see them, and again this is kind of blue sky, but it's not completely unrealistic, I could see them saying, talk to us about another Gargoyles series—what are the options? And we have seven options, easily. Just off the top of my head, that we had from before, and we could do any one of those seven now. We have one prequel series set in the Dark Ages, we have one sequel series set in 2198, we have four spinoffs, featuring characters that the fan base knows and loves, but we could introduce any of these six series for a new audience, and they wouldn't have to have seen all the old Gargoyles episodes in order to get it. And we can do more Gargoyles.

If we did any of those things, we'd have to go and find out what our budget is. Our budget in those days was between $400,000 and $500,000 an episode. We wouldn't have that kind of budget now, but if we knew what the budget was in advance, I've learned a lot of lessons in the intervening years on how to do things cheaper, keeping as much money as possible on the screen. I think we could still do a great series. I don't think it would be something that would suffer in comparison. I don't know if we'd get quite the gorgeous animation that we were able to get from Walt Disney Television in Japan. But I don't know that we couldn't, either. And we could definitely get some of the stuff, like in the second season that was done in Korea, we can get up to that level.
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