Rock & Rule (Part 2)
Larry Jacobs: Can I talk about that fundraising party?

Clive Smith: Go ahead.

Larry Jacobs: Walked into the camera room one day, they had that laser beam set up. Dennis Brown and Jim Christiansen and Gord, they were busy gluing mirrors, little mirrors on speakers.

Clive Smith: Gord is listening to you, by the way. [laughter]

Larry Jacobs: They were filling the room with dry ice, right? I go, what the hell's this, right? "Well, it's a new effect for the film." And they crank up the music, they turn on some rock music, the mirrors are going like this, and they hit the laser beam, and the laser beam goes doo doo doo doo to the music. And it was all for this party in which—a select group were elected to go to the party, who they knew were going to get too drunk and embarrassed, because it was a fundraising thing. The people who ran the studio invited the people who were giving money to the studio to come to this party to see what great technologies we were using. And the great technology was this freaky light show. [laughter]

Clive Smith: Worked like a charm! [laughter]

Anne Marie Bardwell: Smoke machine and mirrors—literally—

Anne Marie Bardwell and Lenora Hume: Smoke and mirrors!

Anne Marie Bardwell: Oh, my God! [laughter] They took it literally!

Emru Townsend: So how much did the investors know about what they were getting into?

Anne Marie Bardwell: They knew less than we did. [laughter]

Clive Smith: They were at pretty much arm's length. We would show them chunks of film from time to time and they would go away being very impressed and very excited.

And when they saw the final cut?

Clive Smith: Hm. [everyone laughs]

Did we ever show it to them?

Robin Budd: [laughing] I don't think so. I don't think that was necessary.

Greg Duffell: Wasn't the screening at the Science Centre?

Robin Budd: There was one, yeah.

Greg Duffell: Wasn't there a screening where the investors were [there]?

Clive Smith: That's right, yes.

Greg Duffell: When was that?

Laura Shepherd: That was early December 1981.

Clive Smith: 1983.

Laura Shepherd: '81.

Greg Duffell: '81?

John Halfpenny: No, that can't be. 1983.

Laura Shepherd: Had to be.

Lenora Hume: No, I delivered [my son] Adam shortly after I finished the last shot.

Clive Smith: What year was that?

Lenora Hume: March of '83. I think we finished right around the end of that year or early January.
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