Rock & Rule (Part 2)
Canada Trust Company/Unearthed Films
Greg Duffell: Remember when we went to see the Who? Remember the studio took us to see the Who for reference? Pete Townshend was in town, it was the last Who concert, I think.

Greg Duffell and Clive Smith: One of the last. [laughter]

John Halfpenny: Oh, that last one.

Greg Duffell: Do you remember that? Any of you remember going to that?

Robin Budd: Where was it?

Greg Duffell: Maple Leaf Gardens.

Robin Budd: No, I didn't see it.

Greg Duffell: Patrick would always say to me, "You don't understand about rock and roll." [laughter] He'd always be saying, "You're straight. You're too square. You don't understand about rock and roll."

They were talking about who to get, and I remember I said Bryan Ferry and Kate Bush. And in retrospect, I think Kate Bush would have worked very well for that major character. She had that—

Anne Marie Bardwell: Ethereal—

Greg Duffell: —almost unnatural voice.

Robin Budd: Right.

Anne Marie Bardwell: Yeah, yeah.

Greg Duffell: You know, highly unusual voice.

Clive Smith: Yeah... a bit too sort of Earth-mothery, though.

Greg Duffell: I love that. [laughter]

Anne Marie Bardwell: Nothing's changed! [laughter]

John Halfpenny: Yeah. Okay, you're too square for rock and roll, but you know all about your sexual preferences! [laughter]

Emru Townsend: How much did the music of Rock & Rule actually resonate with the people working on it?

Anne Marie Bardwell: Uh... I know we were big fans.

Larry Jacobs: Like Clive would say, it was a broad spectrum of music. Earth, Wind & Fire might have been a little bit strange for some of us.

Greg Duffell: I thought it was the best bit. [laughter] I thought that was the best bit, that's the bit [where I was saying], this is where it's getting good.

Larry Jacobs: So there was something in there for everybody. Greg, there was even some folk music in there.

Greg Duffell: Was there?

Lenora Hume: I liked Trish [Cullen]'s score. I thought she did just an amazing job.

Clive Smith: Yeah, there's some nice themes in there.

It's one of those rare eighties movies with a synthesizer score that doesn't seem really dated now. That doesn't happen often enough.

Clive Smith: The Iggy Pop track is great.

Robin Budd: Amazing. Just amazing.

Clive Smith: We recorded that in New York and he was in the booth and something happened. He dropped something in the middle of one of the takes. And it was amazing, because it hit the floor right on the beat, and it worked itself into the track [laughter] it's still in there.
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