Rock & Rule (Part 2)
Emru Townsend · June 27, 2005 | Gord Hill: How many liters of beer were consumed in the production of Rock & Rule?

Emru Townsend: You mean no one kept track?

John Halfpenny: Well, there was a restaurant that stayed in business as long as we were there [laughter]

Dave Cox: Used stale food, too.

John Halfpenny: That's right. "I'll just scrape this off the plate."

Gord Hill: But it did germinate in the terminal warehouse. And shortly after, the whole studio moved from this isolated place on the lake—you had to go out the back door in the winter, you'd brave this wind to get to the main street—

Who's Who in the Interview
Anne Marie Bardwell: Animator
Robin Budd: Animator
Greg Duffell: Additional dialogue, voice of Stretch & Zip
John Halfpenny: Screenplay, voice of Uncle Mikey
Gord Hill: Technical direction & design, model photography and photographic processes
Lenora Hume: Director of photography, special photographic effects
Larry Jacobs: Animator
Rob Kirkpatrick: Quality control, assistant editor
Laura Shepherd: Graphic artist
Clive Smith: Director, art director, storyboards
Norm Stangel: Producer of animated special effects

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Lenora Hume: Parking was free. [laughter]

Gord Hill: There were no restaurants except one place called the Skipper, and it had this game, Condor, which people would feed quarters into. That was the state of the technology for gaming at that time.

Anne Marie Bardwell: There was a hot dog stand and a basketball court. That was it on the waterfront there.

Gord Hill: Yeah. There was Harbourfront, but it had [just] a hot dog stand. There was no place to eat, really.

Norm Stangel: Yeah, but we moved to another place that was isolated and cold. [laughter]

Larry Jacobs: We learned our lesson! [laughter]
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