Open House: Asking the Teachers
Armen Boudjikanian · From fps #4 · September 1, 2005 | As it's back to school season, many animation enthusiasts are wondering if animation or visual effects is the right career choice for them. As these two fields are part of the visual arts and filmmaking, so it goes that studying animation or visual effects is an arduous process. Many professional animators, whether working in the industry or independently, will say that their work is unique in that it requires the synthesis of many other fields in the arts. In addition to this, animation and visual effects are tediously made frame-by-frame and are nowadays bonded to the fast ever-growing computer technology.

With all this information, it can be hard for beginners to know what their priority should be. So to help clarify the learning process of these two fields, I asked five questions to five professors (four in animation and one in visual effects) from different schools around North America. So whether you want to start your career in animation or effects, thinking of having a career change, or just interested in how it's done, read on and this just might be your first class.

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You'll find it and many other articles in the September 2005 issue of fps, available as a free download.
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