Animation Festival 101
Patrick Smith · From fps #7 · March 1, 2006 | Take any late-night animation program in any film festival worldwide, inject it with steroids, increase the geek factor, and you have yourself a genuine Animation Festival. Festivals of this sort often lack the pretension of larger festivals, which are geared toward the all-encompassing and dominating Live-Action Feature Film. At your average animation festival, you're lucky to see three or four features. Rather, the focus is on the independent animated short, as well as the animators themselves. Perhaps the greatest reward of attending an animation festival is seeing films that are all but impossible to view elsewhere, as well as getting the chance to meet and talk to the animators in person, a rare opportunity. It's a sad fact that some of these films disappear after their festival run. Some may end up on DVD compilations, but this is a small percentage of the hundreds of animated films made every year.

There are plenty of categories within an animation festival, including television series, commercials, educational programs and promos. But the totem pole is topped by the indie-short filmmakers. This is a nice change from the typical film festival, where animators and short filmmakers can barely qualify for admission to their own shows, let alone get treated to airfare and hotel.

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