Adam Parrish King in Conversation
Jason Vanderhill · From fps #8 · June 29, 2006 | Imagine making an animated short film. By "animated," I mean traditional stop-motion with puppets of wire, latex and clay. By "short," I mean total running time, not necessarily the length of time it takes to complete the film. And by "film," I mean actual 16mm black and white film from a Bolex camera. Now let's say you took some good advice from your spouse, and you submitted your film (just in time) to a prestigious independent film festival like Sundance. And let's suppose your film was accepted into the festival lineup—no small feat!

Next, you make every arrangement necessary to finalize your production, you pack up your promotional material, you gather your entourage (or close friends and family), and you head for the picturesque landscape of Park City, Utah. After years of solitary production, followed by a flurry of last-minute activity, you finally get to sit back and enjoy your film as it was meant to be seen—on a big screen in a theatre full of movie fans. That is a very condensed and somewhat paraphrased account of Adam Parrish King, who took home a Sundance jury prize in short filmmaking for The Wraith of Cobble Hill earlier this year. The film student completed his thesis project for his master of fine arts degree at University of Southern California (USC) and has turned it into a festival favourite. I spoke to him recently to gather some of the details of his story.

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