The Anime Primer
Jennifer Wand · From fps #8 · June 30, 2006 | Several years ago, I sat down to watch Saturday morning cartoons when I came across a blond girl with startlingly big, shimmering eyes. I thought the art was beautiful, but within a few minutes I realized there was something special about this show. The girl had vulnerabilities and weaknesses; she had a past; she was not just another superhero. The girl was Sailor Moon—and I was a new recruit to the army of fans of Japanese animation, also known as anime.

Since my first exposure to the medium, anime has exploded in popularity. Nearly all networks that show animation have at least one anime show in their lineups; books on how to draw in the unique style are being penned; even some American animation programs are mimicking the style. But all of this merely skims the surface. For those of you interested in diving a little deeper, here's a primer on this ever-more-popular form of entertainment and art.

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