Liller Møller's Sex Trilogy
Gunnar Strøm · From fps #9 · November 13, 2006 | Sex in animation is not just pornography and teasing entertainment. It can be used tenderly and efficiently in telling serious stories about love and life. It is very useful in humorous animation—sexual animated gags can be very funny. And serious animation artists have used sex and erotic images to tell the most touching and mind-expanding tales. Animation has also been used widely in information films and documentaries on themes like sex education, HIV/AIDS and sexual abuse. Several such films have been made in the Scandinavian countries. The sex trilogy made by Danish animator Liller Møller in the late 1980s has legendary status thanks to its wide use in schools and libraries. The films were sold to 20 countries and they are still used today, almost 20 years after they were made.

Liller Møller's Sex Trilogy
Sex—en brugsanvisning for unge (Sex—A Guide for the Young, 1987)
Ska' jeg på nu? (Safe for Life, 1989)
Sådan—får man altså børn! (So That's How, 1990)
Since the films of Ingmar Bergman and other Scandinavian filmmakers in the 1950s and 1960s, an open-minded attitude toward sex has been a feature of Scandinavian film. The Danish pornography act was abandoned in the 1970s, the Swedish act has hardly been used since then and even in Norway pornography legislation has been considerably more liberal. In schools, sexual issues have been part of the curriculum for decades. And the very direct, funny and informative films Sex—en brugsanvisning for unge (Sex—A Guide for the Young, 1987), Ska' jeg på nu? (Safe for Life, 1989) and Sådan—får man altså børn! (So That's How, 1990) by Liller Møller have been widely used in schools all over Scandinavia.

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