An Introduction to Hentai
Jonathan Moy · From fps #9 · November 25, 2006 | The lights of the university lecture hall dim and the students quiet. Up front, projected on the twenty-foot screen, several short clips from various Japanese animation OVAs (Original Video Animation, direct-to-video productions) begin. One features a buxom nurse in various states of undress, using many unconventional methods to coax her doctor's penis from its state of grey impotence. Another features an over-stimulated salaryman who grows to a gargantuan, Godzilla-like proportion and begins masturbating all over the city, sporting a dangerous acid sperm (he is destroyed later by an equally proportioned, sailor-suited schoolgirl and her panties). Another features an anthropomorphic cat, restrained while wearing an erection-torture device. He is forced to watch a naked, muscled hermaphrodite be serviced by her slimy, multi-tentacled minions, until his painful erection compels his submission. After twenty minutes and several more clips, the lights go up and the students share a number of emotions: some are aghast, some are laughing uncontrollably, some have already left disgusted, but all are understandably stunned. Without proper warning, these students have just been introduced to the shocking world of hentai.

In Japanese the word "hentai" literally translates to mean "strange" or "perverted." Sometimes it is referred to as "ecchi," which is a literal pronunciation of the letter "H." In the West, the word "hentai" has been adapted to refer to sexually explicit anime or manga—essentially, Japanese animated pornography.

Quite often the idea that animation and pornography can be mixed is hard to accept for some Westerners, mainly because here in America animation is primarily used for marketing to children. This is not true in Japan, where animation and especially manga are made for every age demographic there is. Hentai anime are produced primarily for the OVA adults-only market, and only rarely for theatrical distribution or cable.

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