Why Tentacles?
© Toshio Maeda/Daiei Co., Ltd.
Jonathan Moy · From fps #9 · November 25, 2006 | Of the major subgenres of hentai (that is, sexually explicit anime), erotic horror is certainly the most controversial. In the late eighties, the ultra-violence of Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira and the ultra-explicit demon/tentacle sex of Toshio Maeda's Urotsukidoji coloured much of the West's opinion of Japanese animation. That's right—demon/tentacle sex, which just happens to be the cornerstone of erotic horror hentai. The erotic horror subgenre of hentai generally implies that at some point in the narrative there will be an alien or demon creature of some type with many penis-like tentacles. One or more of these creatures will have its way with any number of uniformed, usually nameless, high school girls, and usually in the story there is some protagonist whose job it is to stop these lustful and evil beings, but not before a few victims are ravished first. Exceptions to these rules exist in the subgenre, but are few and far between.

Once you discover this sort of shocking animation exists in the world, one question that might arise is, how could anybody come up with something as weird or twisted as tentacle sex? Where did it come from? What kind of people are the Japanese to have created something that so dishonours the sacred physical bond that "only a man and a woman can share," to quote some recent political discussions? Could it be possible that actual Japanese schoolgirls are really having it off with deep-sea creatures? The answers may surprise you.

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