All the Moos That's Fit to Print
Barnyard director Steve Oedekerk and Sam Elliott (voice of Ben the cow) at the movie's world premiere. © Bob Miller
In late July, Sarah Baisley forwarded a "Media Alert" to me, announcing the world premiere of Barnyard—which now sported the subtitle, "The Original Party Animals." This would be Sunday, July 30, at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood (right across the street from the building which used to house the Klasky-Csupo studio), with the press check-in at 2:00 p.m. According to the announcement: "Cast members and filmmakers attending include: Kevin James, Courteney Cox, Sam Elliott, Andie MacDowell, Jeff Garcia, writer/director/producer Steve Oedekerk; producer, Paul Marshal; executive producer Julia Pistor; executive producer Aaron Parry; composer John Debney. Other celebrities and special guests include: Tristan Lake Leabu (from "Superman Returns"), Amy Yasbeck, Jason Lee ... and many more!"

Well, who could resist an invitation like that? After all, how often does a guy get a chance to take a picture of the composer of Barnyard, Ant Bully and Chicken Little? And so I went, with my trusty digital camera.

The outside of the theatre was cordoned off for the press. Girls dressed in cow outfits passed out cow masks, and a parade of motorcycle-riding guys in cow suits motored by in the street.

Soni Ede took me to a pre-assigned spot behind the cordon, next to a gaggle of still and video photographers ready for the celebrities as they proceeded down the red carpet. At 3:00, the procession began. Ahead of the celebrities, a publicist carried placards announcing the name of the celebrity. Some celebrities had nothing to do with Barnyard. They were simply there by invitation, and taking advantage of a photo-op and media exposure. After a few poses, into the theatre they would go.  A few feet away, a line of regular moviegoers ogled the various celebrities and called out for autographs. To their delight, one of the female stars obliged.

After the celebrity procession, it was time to see the movie. Or was it? Soni told me, no, only the regular moviegoers would view the world premiere. A press screening was held earlier that day—unknown to me. Maybe I should have bought a ticket?

Oh, well. That's moo biz. Read more about Barnyard
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