Horton Hears a Who!'s character and set designs are pure Dr. Seuss, as is the narration in rhyme.

The recent release of The Pixar Short Film Collection Vol. 1 shows the studio's utter mastery of the animated form.

Director Michael Arias speaks his mind on his movie, anime distribution and why he prefers dubs to subtitles.

Image Gallery
Explore Tekkonkinkreet through images of its characters, and especially of its locale, the weird and wondrous Treasure Town.

The Astro Boy Essays traces the evolution and rise of manga and anime through the lens of Osamu Tezuka's iconic robot.

Japanese Anime Classic Collection is a worthwhile investment for any student of Japanese animation.

The Art of Ratatouille is full of drawings, paintings and sculptures showing how the characters and sets evolved before the nuts and bolts of computer animation were applied.

Produced for an adult demographic, the spy anime 009-1 pulls no punches.
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