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Japan Media Arts Festival 2005
Emru Townsend · From fps #5 · September 1, 2005 | At SIGGRAPH this year, I finally learned the joys of text messaging on my cell phone. It started innocently, when someone fired off a quick message and I tentatively responded. By the end of the week my thumb was flying over the keyboard faster than the eye could follow.

It was also at SIGGRAPH that I learned the perils of text messaging. In Yusuke Koyanagi's Tokyo City, about a dozen urbanites walk down the street, constantly texting to unseen recipients. Simply drawn, the humour is in their reactions to a series of escalating distractions. From obnoxious smokers to traffic accidents to flaming debris, the response is the same: absently step around the offending event, then excitedly text about it.

At every SIGGRAPH I've been to, there has been a separate selection of shorts presented by some Japanese digital arts organization or another. Tokyo City was part of 90 minutes' worth of work from last year's Japan Media Arts Festival, which were folded in among the Animation Theater screenings. It didn't take long for me to decide that these programs are must-see events; while they explore the same themes as the Computer Animation Festival shorts (life, love, art, humour, and the selling of products) one can say the approaches are particularly Japanese, culturally or aesthetically.

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You'll find it and many other articles in the September 2005 issue of fps, available as a free download.
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