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Animation Innovator: Ray Harryhausen
Photos by Jerry Scott, Charles Mohapel, Emru Townsend and René Walling · August 8, 2005 | July 24 marked a turning point for fps, as we ushered in the first of what we hope to be many Animation Innovator presentations. Our first guest, presented in conjunction with the Fantasia film festival, was stop-motion legend Ray Harryhausen, who spoke before a packed cinema, presented a 35mm print of Jason and the Argonauts, fielded a Q&A session, and finally signed autographs for the many appreciative fans in attendance.

But Ray's Montreal visit didn't start and stop with the screening. Before the actual event, he spent a few days touring our fair city, while making stops for interviews and autograph sessions. Hundreds of photos were taken during his stay, but we've somehow managed to whittle them down to these ten, which should provide a good overview of the experience.

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