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Ottawa International Animation Festival 2005
Photos by Ward Jenkins, Sheila Sofian, Emru Townsend, Tamu Townsend and René Walling · October 2, 2005 | In the old days, it was easy: the Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) came but once every other year, providing plenty of time to recuperate and regroup. In later years, the International Student Animation Festival of Ottawa (SAFO) came along, filling in the alternating years.

Last year, the Ottawa directors decided to fold the two festivals into one entity, making the OIAF an annual event. It was a good plan, but not without some lurking questions. Telefilm Canada had slashed its funding of the festival, and the heady days of the so-called animation renaissance were years gone. With diminished state and corporate backing, how would the first annual OIAF fare?

Pretty darned well, actually. There was, as always, a mix: stalwarts and newcomers, students and professionals, seasoned animators and first-timers, commercial and independent. Ottawa has always been a festival where the boundaries between these distinctions blur as lines of communication are opened between people, and this year was no exception. But don't just take our word for it; you can see the evidence for yourself in our photo gallery.

Correction: Telefilm still funds the Ottawa International Animation Festival. While funding was cut off in June 2003, it was reinstated the following month, partly due to protests from the international animation community.
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