Animator 411
3D Computer Animation
3-D Animation Workshop
3D Cafe - The ultimate resource for computer graphic artists
3D Help: Tutorials, Docs and Files
Behind the Scenes - 3D computer modeling and rendering tricks.
CG-Char - The mailing list for 3D CG animators.
Computer Animation
Lumens - Max 32/Max PS - A collection of 3D Studio MAX plugins, scripts, tutorials, and more.
Modelling a Character in 3DS Max
Morphose - Tutorials in SOFTIMAGE|3D.
NativeDreams - Macromedia Director and SOFTIMAGE|3D tutorials. Italian-language site.

Equipment & Supplies
Animation Toolworks - Makers of the Video LunchBox pencil-test system.
Armaverse - Armatures for stop-motion animation.
Cartoon Colour
Cartoon Supplies
Central Tool Co., Inc. - Manufactures 12-field animation discs.
Chromacolour International
Lightfoot Ltd.
Stop Motion Studies
Taylor Animation & Supplies

Armaverse - Armatures for stop-motion animation.
The Clay Animation Home Page
Clay Animation How To Page - Everything you wanted to know about clay animation.
Stop Motion Studies
Stop Motion Works

Technical References
All About GIF89a - Shockwave Flash file format information center.
White Papers - 3:2 Pulldown - The mystery behind the transfer of film to video is revealed.

Acme Animation - An interactive community of persons learning and sharing their knowledge about animated filmmaking and related fields.
Anatomy of a Walk
The Animated Cartoon Factory Website
Animation Foundation
Animation Meat
Anime Juku - Learn about the art of anime from the juku master himself, Yasuo Otsuka.
Cinemarquee - A resource for filmmakers by filmmakers.
Digital Animators
Eadweard Muybridge
Edweard Muybridge - From the UCR/California Museum of Photography.
Flash Filmmaker
Flash Kit - A resource for Flash animators.
Freeze Frame - Eadweard Muybridge's photography of motion.
Idleworm: How-To
Raul's Animation Page
The Roy W. Dean Film and Video Grants - A place for students to show their artwork on video for free via the Internet. - How to create Flash animation.
Wordplay - An excellent screenwriting resource. In particular, read this article on writing screenplays for animation.

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