What It's Like Being Alone, a new series debuting this Monday on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's television network, follows the adventures of the misfit children in Gurney Orphanage, located "geographically and metaphysically in the middle of nowhere." Canada is currently creating a lot of stop-motion output, but a series of this type—on the CBC, made by Canadians, and during prime-time—is the type of thing that makes people straighten up and take notice. So I really want to like it, I really do.
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Sometimes you can look at the first episode of an anime series and know you're in for an interesting ride. Even if the expected plot resolution in the final episode rises bigger than the Statue of Liberty from the first minute, you want to see how the show gets from point A to point Z. Midori Days (about a high school tough guy whose right hand turns into a diminutive girlfriend one night!) is one such anime; another is the recent offering from ADV Films, Nanaka 6/17.
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This November we'll be holding our third annual charity auction, and we want your help in putting it together. We're asking you to vote on the type of charity we'll be raising money for. The ballot box closes on July 31.
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When Disney started to dismantle its traditional animation studio, effects animator Dan Lund decided to document the stories of the recently laid-off Disney animators. Almost four years later, his videotaped interviews became the documentary Dream On Silly Dreamer, produced by fellow Disney animator Tony West, and focusing on the closing of Disney's traditional feature animation studios. In our latest issue, Jake Friedman speaks to Lund and West about the making of the movie.
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Lead Character Animator
Spark Unlimited, Inc. - Sherman Oaks (LA Area), California

Technical Director, Lighting
Pixar Animation Studios - Emeryville, California

Senior Artist, World (PC Title)
Monolith Productions - Kirkland, Washington

Animator - Cinematics
Blizzard Entertainment - Irvine, California

Information Architect
Renegade Marketing Group - New York, New York

Renderer System Programmer
Naughty Dog Inc. (Sony) - Santa Monica, California

Technical Artist
Concrete Games (THQ) - San Diego, California

3D Technology Programmer
Play Mechanix, Inc. - Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Texture Artist
Iron Lore Entertainment - Maynard, Massachusetts

Interactive Media Instructor
International Academy of Design & Technology - Orlando - Orlando, Florida
Bendito Machine
A strange, godlike machine is overthrown and replaced by another strange, godlike machine. This is quite possibly the most disturbing-looking silhouette-style film you've seen in some time. (Flash Player)

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