July 16, 2007

009-1 Vol. 1
Tekkon Kinkreet's young protagonists live in a harsh, gritty world that gives no quarter, and that sometimes takes the movie to places that Hollywood movies fear to tread.

Rebuild of Evangelion trailer on the 'Tube
You can now watch the trailer for GAINAX's latest offering, Rebuild of Evangelion, reportedly due in Japan this September.

Aachi & Ssipak
The second animated feature to be shown at the Fantasia film festival this year was Aachi & Ssipak, a Korean film that, violence and urban dystopia notwithstanding, is miles apart from fest opener Tekkon Kinkreet, or from other Korean features like Sky Blue or My Beautiful Girl, Mari.

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VFX Producer
Animal Logic - NSW,

Storyboard Artist
Blue Sky Studios, Inc. - White Plains, New York

Tracking Artists
Digital Domain - Venice, California

Double Negative - London, England

Matte Painter Artist
Ilion Animation Studios - Madrid, Spain

Supervising Texture Painter
Imagemovers Digital - San Rafael, California

Moving Picture Company - London, England

Art Director
Electronic Arts Mobile Montreal - Montreal, Quebec

Graphic Designer
Pixar Animation Studios - Emeryville, California

Walt Disney Animation Studios - Burbank, California

7/17 - Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Vol. 9 (DVD)
7/24 - Azur and Asmar (DVD)
7/24 - Naoyuki Tsuji Animation Collection (DVD)
7/24 - Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 6: Inspector Cartoons (DVD)
7/24 - Renaissance (DVD)
7/24 - Ultimate Underdog Collection Vol. 1 (DVD)
7/24 - Ultimate Underdog Collection Vol. 2 (DVD)
7/24 - Ultimate Underdog Collection Vol. 3 (DVD)
7/24 - Woody Woodpecker & Friends Classic Collection (DVD)
7/27 - Akira (Japanese release; includes DVD edition) (Blu-ray)
7/27 - Patlabor: The Movie (Japanese release; includes DVD edition) (Blu-ray)
7/27 - Patlabor: The Movie (Japanese release; includes DVD edition) (HD DVD)
7/27 - Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise (Japanese release; includes DVD edition) (Blu-ray)
7/27 - Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise (Japanese release; includes DVD edition) (HD DVD)
7/27 - Simpsons Movie (Movie)
7/30 - Animation--Art And Industry: A Reader (paperback) (Book)
7/31 - Popeye the Sailor Vol. 1: 1933-1938 (DVD)
7/31 - Ranma 1/2: Season 2 Box Set: Anything Goes Martial Arts (DVD)
8/1 - Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD Box '07 First Press Limited Edition (Japanese release) (DVD)
8/7 - Cat's Eye Vol. 2 (DVD)
8/7 - Nobody's Boy Remi Vol. 2 (DVD)
8/7 - Simpsons: Complete Tenth Season (DVD)
8/7 - Super Dimension Century Orguss Vol. 2 (DVD)
8/7 - Tick vs. Season Two (DVD)

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