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August 22, 2004


fps animation website announces plans to launch online magazine
to coincide with its second anniversary

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA—Mark your calendars! In exactly six months, fps ( will launch the first issue of its online magazine. On February 22, 2005—the second anniversary of the website—Internet users will be able to download a PDF of the magazine without cost. was launched with the article "Oscar and the Grouch" (, in response to a comment questioning the usefulness of a Best Feature Animation category at the Oscars.
Originally an animation print magazine, fps was first published in 1991, with news, features and commentary on all aspects of animation—conception, creation, voice-acting, screenings—from all over the world. The website of the Independent Film Channel, called fps "the definitive animation 'zine," and many industry fans and insiders lauded the publication for its take on the all aspects—art, voice work, scriptwriting—of the animation world.

The rebirth of fps as a website was marked by many contributors returning to the fold, including Mike Caputo, whose lessons on do-it-yourself animation resonated with readers, and newcomers to the magazine—but by no means to the field—are providing content, such as esteemed animation insider Michael Ventrella, founder of Animato! magazine. Editor Emru Townsend has been grateful for the response of old and new contributors who have come forward to donate their time to work on fps. With an ad-supported online magazine, he will be able to repay them for their confidence in the fps project.

"I want to try something a little different. Traditionally, magazine publishers make their money from advertising, but as you travel from the top of the org chart down, the benefits slowly grind to a halt. I'd like to change the equation, so that this becomes more of a profit-sharing venture. That is, after basic costs are paid, the money is proportionally divided up among contributors.

"And, as has always been the case with fps, creators keep the copyright on their work." continues the tradition of articulate and insightful analyses of animation in all its forms. The site is composed of news, features, commentary, festival overviews, reviews, a treasure trove of links, a list of animation releases and books of interest, and the fps Store, which lists fps's affiliates (all proceeds of the store currently defray costs of operation for the web site).

Founding editor of fps Emru Townsend lives in Montreal and writes about animation, live-action films, technology, music, comics and books for such diverse publications and web sites as PC World, The Hub: Digital Living, January Magazine, The All-Movie Guide, and his own web site, The Critical Eye (including articles and interviews from fps's previous print incarnation, and items before the creation of Townsend wants people to know that "fps looks at all aspects of animation critically, without being stuffy."
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