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May 29, 2006


fps Online Magazine Goes Quarterly
Frames Per Second issue 8 continues its tradition of quality animation writing and marks the beginning of larger issues

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA— announced today that the second volume of its namesake online animation magazine, Frames Per Second, is going quarterly with bigger issues and better content.

During its first year, Frames Per Second (fps)was published on a bimonthly schedule as a PDF magazine available on the website, with most issues between 25 and 30 pages. Subsequent issues will increase in size by 50% with issues between 45 and 50 pages. Readers will still get at least 180 pages of content every year, but at a different frequency.

Frames Per Second requires the dedication of numerous collaborators, and has often revolved around a featured theme. "Editing and designing each issue demands a certain commitment of time and resources," said Emru Townsend, editor of the fps website and magazine. "By reducing our annual organizational overhead, we can spend more time creating focused issues that explore a given theme with more depth."

The price of the full PDF magazine will increase from 99 cents US, to US$1.49, proportional to its increase in size. A year's worth of issues will still cost US$5.00 and the total page count for a year's worth of issues will remain the same.

Current subscribers will be unaffected by the price change, and will continue to get the number of issues for which they subscribed (6), but subsequent issues will be substantially larger. Until Sunday, June 4, 2006, new subscribers can take advantage of fps's current subscription rate of 6 issues for US$5.00. On June 5, the subscription rate will reflect the new yearly publishing schedule and change to 4 issues for US$5.00. Until then, new subscribers will get the equivalent of two free issues for their subscription purchase.

The full version of the Frames Per Second PDF magazine is distributed by YouSendIt, which provides a secure method of deployment for both and its readership.

A special preview version of each issue of Frames Per Second is available for free to allow users to try before they buy. The entire content of the first four issues will continue to be available for free. The preview editions and early issues are available for direct download from the fps website.

fps founding editor Emru Townsend lives in Montreal and writes about animation, film, technology, music, comics and books for such diverse publications and web sites as PC World's Digital World blog, Canadian Screenwriter, Masthead, The All Movie Guide, and his own web site, The Critical Eye (including articles and interviews from fps's previous print incarnation.)

YouSendIt ( was formed to tackle a common problem: how to quickly, easily, and securely deliver digital documents online without the use of clumsy client software, mail servers with limited storage space, and sharing passwords. By eliminating the size constraints and security risks of sending files by email, the YouSendIt platform has enabled the web as the best method for secure document delivery.
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