JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Vols. 1–3
Super Techno Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Visually, the artwork is usually pretty slick. There are some sequences that looked sloppy to me, particularly in the case of the Hanged Man villain on the second disc, and the locals on the second and third discs. But overall it's pretty polished.

Vocally, the characters get a bit murky. Joseph Joestar is British.  His dialogue fits that style, but he has no British accent at all. There's something strange about hearing a character say "Jolly good!" and similar dialogue with the flat Northeastern inflection we've had to grow accustomed to in anime dubs.

Storywise... here's where I find a lot of logic problems. Jotaro Kujo is supposed to be the star of the series, but he hardly shows up in the two adventures on the second DVD. He has a small part in the third one too. Jean Pierre Polnareff is the focus of the adventures in the second DVD. He was first presented as a man with several different attitudes, but in the fourth and fifth adventures he's neither a cocky showman nor a flighty fool as he was initially; instead, he's a foul-mouthed vengeful loner. This seems odd as well. There are throwaway character bits like the woman I mentioned as well.

Each DVD provides a brief part of the history of Dio and the Joestar family, which is encouragement to collect all the discs. Each one so also has interviews with the original Japanese cast or with series creators. The third has an interview with the American sound engineers. There are also production notes about language and story choices made in the episodes of each disc, which prove to be very enlightening.

There are also two cards included with each disc: two cards from the Tarot deck used in the series, with the two cards representing the adventures presented. The Stands in JoJo are all inspired by Tarot, although most of them draw that inspiration through names only. It leads to very loose interpretations: for example, in the third disc Justice is a mist that controls anyone through wounds. On the second disc the glowing gun I mentioned is supposed to represent the Emperor. Still, it's an entertaining touch added by Super Techno Arts.

This is definitely a series that you'll enjoy, provided you ignore the logic lapses. I just hope further adventures are more consistent in story quality.
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