Mulan II
Noell Wolfgram Evans · From fps #1 · March 1, 2005 | I have no particular disdain for sequels. In fact they can be pretty entertaining—that is, when they are treated during their creation in an independent manner. Far too often this is not the case, which is why we end up with movies like Mulan II.

Mulan II
Directed by Darrell Rooney
Walt Disney Home Entertainment, 2005
79 minutes

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Recently released as a direct-to-video feature, this film provides a continuation of the ancient story of the courageous Chinese heroine Mulan. Mulan II is not a terrible movie, it just doesn't provide any fulfillment. It's like one of those foot-long Pixie-Sticks you buy at the fair: okay to ingest, it offers straightforward and mild amusement until you reach the end when you start to get that weird feeling in your head, you get angry at wasting a whole afternoon and you suddenly realize you've lost your pants.

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