Paranoia Agent Vol. 3: Serial Psychosis
Scott Schmeisser · From fps #2 · May 1, 2005 | Satoshi Kon's Paranoia Agent continues its surreal ride through modern-day Japan in this volume collecting episodes 8 to 10 of the series. Lil' Slugger, a boy on golden inline skates, is attacking people with an equally golden baseball bat. At the start of the series he first attacks a woman who's struggling to design a new Hello-Kittyesque character after her previous character, Maromi, was a huge success. The two police detectives sent to investigate disbelieve her at first but as more attacks happen they realize that something very strange is going on.

Paranoia Agent Vol. 3: Serial Psychosis
Directed by Satoshi Kon
Geneon Entertainment, 2005
Originally broadcast in Japan in 2004
75 minutes

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Anyone familiar with the previous work of director Satoshi Kon, specifically his films Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress, should know just how wonderfully strange his work can be. Here paired with screenwriter Seishi Minakami, who was a writer on the equally weird Boogiepop Phantom TV series, Kon seems to have an outlet for any and every strange story idea he has. From people vomiting algebra functions to turning into unpainted cel animation, Paranoia Agent is anything but normal.

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