Girls Bravo Vol. 1
Aaron H. Bynum · From fps #3 · July 7, 2005 | Yukinari Sasaki is short, quite weak, noticeably shy, and has a fear of women. And while he's a rather sweet and unassuming high school kid, his humble nature is overshadowed by one small problem: whenever Yukinari comes into close contact with a woman, any woman, he breaks out in a rash. This problem however, is just the beginning for Yukinari. One day he accidentally takes a trip to another world, and ends up bringing a girl named Miharu back with him to Earth.

Girls Bravo Vol. 1
Directed by Ei Aoki
Geneon Entertainment, 2005
Originally aired in 2004
100 minutes

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Girls Bravo is a romantic comedy that follows poor, unlucky Yukinari and all of the wonderful trouble that ensues when he inadvertently becomes the focus of desire of several young women. The series is a comedy through and through, outlined by adult jokes and gags, all in the hope of offering the audience something just a little bit different. Girls Bravo had my interest from the first episode, and I think may be that one peculiar anime release of the season that you'll never forget.

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