Women & Animation: A Compendium
Women & Animation: A Compendium
Edited by Jayne Pilling
British Film Institute, Exhibition & Distribution Division, 1992
144 pages

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René Walling · From fps #3 · July 1, 2005 | As is true of any large group, women do not all have the same viewpoint, and any book that attempts to constrain women animators the world over to a single model would be highly inaccurate, not to mention pointless. Avoiding this trap, Jayne Pilling presents us with an exploration of women and animation rather than her thesis about women and animation demonstrated with a series of pre-selected articles that agree with it. Rather than destroying the cohesion of the book, the varied and sometimes contradictory viewpoints strengthen it.

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You'll find it and many other articles in the July 2005 issue of fps, available as a free download.
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