Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 2
© 2005 Lucasfilm
Noell Wolfgram Evans · From fps #6 · January 12, 2006 | When I first saw the Clone Wars series I was frustrated; frustrated by the length, by the story and by the general feeling of what could have been.

To start, while I am not against short animation (or any media), if it is not done correctly, it can feel so choppy that the viewer is actually taken out of the moment. This was a particular issue in season one, where each episode was a meagre three minutes. In season two, this problem has been (slightly) corrected with each episode going longer, though still short, at twelve minutes apiece. I am still frustrated, though.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 2
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky
Cartoon Network/Lucasfilm/Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2005
81 minutes

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Upon second viewing, courtesy of the just-released DVD, I came to realize that my frustration stemmed from the editing of each episode. For me, the stories were not self-contained enough to stand on their own and at the same time they were not linked tightly enough to create a cohesive story. All that we really ended up with were these various "moments." While each episode should link together easily it felt, especially early in season two, that the connections were not made.

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