The Computer in Art
The Computer in Art
Written by Jasia Reichardt
Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1971
96 pages

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René Walling · From fps #6 · January 1, 2006 | Have you noticed that whenever you talk to someone who has been working in computer graphics or animation, they always end up talking about the good old days, when they would animate all night on their Amiga, create layouts using Pagemaker on their trusty MacPlus or spend days or weeks processing a single image? The Computer in Art is about the days before that. It's about a time when the very idea of images done with computers was revolutionary. A time when being a computer engineer put you on the same level as rocket scientists and brain surgeons. A time when people wanted to change the world, not with computers, but with flower power. Yes, it's about something that was going on in the sixties: the beginnings of computer art and animation.

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