The Art of Otaku
Brett D. Rogers · From fps #7 · March 1, 2006 | The community of anime fans, especially in North America, is an inclusive one, encouraging its members to exercise widespread application of derivative creativity to the torrent of material flowing from the Land of the Rising Sun. Cosplay, fansubs and fan art are the triad of anime fandom's artistic outreach, with each discipline drawing fans closer to their hobby and closer to each other, as enthusiasts coach each successive wave of new devotees.

Trying one's hand at drawing a favourite character is a natural expression of interest in animation, but to anime fandom, fan art is an especially celebrated way for aficionados to deepen their appreciation of the artistry of anime.

The Art of Otaku
Edited by Adam Ghahramani
Velegant Media, 2005
852 pages

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The artists tapped to provide the lessons featured in Art of Otaku are amateurs, but what they lack in refinement makes the guide more accessible to the readers who turn to the guide for a peer's perspective on the tools and methods of anime-style art. Where better for a beginner to look for advice than someone who's still working to hone their skills? Taking instruction from the artists of Art of Otaku is a less intimidating, perhaps more effective way for a budding artist to pick up tips and techniques than trying in vain to mimic the animators and manga-ka who usually fill art how-to guides with complicated works that showcase their skill in making complicated art look easy.

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