Bambi II
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Noell Wolfgram Evans · From fps #7 · March 1, 2006 | I generally shy far away from sequels to Disney animated films, mainly because they seem so unnecessary. But I found myself drawn to Bambi II. I think it was because this sequel seemed so inappropriate—it's the most unnecessary of all. The original Bambi is a perfectly complete film with an ending that leaves you satisfied. Obviously not all were satisfied, as someone thought the efforts of a number of talented individuals could be best spent creating a movie that no one was asking for and (perhaps more importantly) wasn't needed storywise. And yet here we are with the release of the direct-to-DVD Bambi II. (Though it should be mentioned that the movie did have a select number of pre-release screenings in theaters. Setting the stage for next year's Oscars?)

Bambi II
Directed by Brian Pimental
Walt Disney Pictures, 2006
73 minutes

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Before I even opened the package to the DVD I was thinking it wouldn't be any good. This had as much to do with Disney's direct-to-DVD track record as it did in the memories I have of Bambi. What more can be said about the character? In the sixty-plus years since we were first introduced to the animated version of the character, he has held a solid place in our collective emotional movie consciousness.

It's a fact the creative team (director Brian Pimental and writers Pimental, Jeanne Rosenberg and Alicia Kirk) understood and attempted to play to as this hand-drawn picture stylistically apes the original while still maintaining a level of freshness. This both works and it doesn't. It does get us into the world we remember, but once there, things are just not... right.

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