Cartoons for Victory!
Mark Mayerson · From fps #7 · March 1, 2006 | There are many companies that release public domain material on DVD. Most of the time, they don't know anything about animation, nor do they care about the quality of their source material. Often, they steal it from another public domain disc, wrap it in a cheap package and shovel it out the door.

However, there are some people working with public domain material who really care about what they're doing, and work hard to find good prints, little-seen titles and add extras to their releases. Steve Stanchfield's company Thunderbean is one of these, and the company's releases are now being distributed by Mackinac Media. Their latest release is a collection of wartime cartoons called Cartoons for Victory!

Cartoons for Victory!
Thunderbean Animation, 2006
Distributed by Mackinac Media
142 minutes

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The disc contains five Private Snafu cartoons (Spies, Booby Traps, A Lecture on Camouflage, Chow Hound and Censored) and all four of the surviving Mr. Hook cartoons, made for the Army and Navy, respectively. While this material has been issued before, this DVD has commentaries by animation historian Jerry Beck and animators Eric Goldberg and John Kricfalusi. The commentaries provide good historical information and identify which animators are responsible for particular scenes. Even if you have this material already, the commentaries provide new insights.

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