Ä-ni-mé, The Berkeley Journal of Japanese Animation, Issue II
René Walling · June 14, 2006 | With the current worldwide popularity of anime, it is often easy to forget what things were like in the late eighties and early nineties for fans of Japanese animation. Often, the only way to find any videotapes was through fanzines (or zines), fan clubs and conventions, and the movies were rarely subtitled or dubbed. Some lucky few would even have acquaintances in Japan who would mail tapes to them on a more or less regular basis. Many would know an entire series only through a handful of episodes and most of what you watched was not translated and rarely fully understood.

Ä-ni-mé, The Berkeley Journal of Japanese Animation, Issue II
Cal-Animage, Berkeley, California, 1991
220 pages
Some dedicated fans went as far as to learn Japanese in order to understand the stories they liked to watch and would then publish zines with synopses, scripts and reviews of films, OAVs (original animation videos) and TV shows they had seen. These often self-published creations (including fps predecessor Quark) were usually photocopied and had a wide range of quality. One of the zines with the highest production values was Ä-ni-mé.

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